Feel the Lights at Ayala Triangle

Have you felt the essence of Christmas yet? well better try to go to Makati for a change.


⌘ ⌘ ⌘

It isn’t really an outing or something just a stop by for our OJT but since we need to know our surroundings, Let the Adventure BEGIN!
Just looking at the clouds it would be really nice if we stroll a bit


Always remember to have strength and Never be scared if you got lost you only need to ask direction if you got lost 🙂

After a tiring walk we’ve found a Starbucks near our OJT place, since we haven’t ate breakfast yet, because of an immediate call we have to go here right away. Thank God for  the successful interview and all the blessings that we got so far.

Even if it’s a stressful day always remember to :
1. Pray and Thank the Lord our God.
2. Think positive
3. Be courageous
4. Love nature
5. Enjoy the day!

⌘ ⌘ ⌘

After enjoying a late breakfast with Ann, Tin and Lj they went home and as for me I would go to my brother’s office, It was kinda funny for I used Waze but well I am walking so it is kinda obvious what happened to me my real plan is to go to my brothers’ office yet I am so freaking lost and have asked almost 5-8 guards here in Makati and while at it I enjoyed walking because it is easier for me to memorize my path when I finally found my brother’s office he told me to go to Ayala Triangle, well actually it is near so that’s alright. Even if  I walked almost an hour just to find his office but whatever at least It’s worth it I enjoyed the lights no wonder my brother want’s me to go there. It’s so cool…

After the show we’ve walk and bought some ice cream at Caramia. It so delicious you guys better try it!!!!! IT TASTE LIKE CAKE! SERIOUSLY !!! LOVE IT ❤ So better buy one!!!!!

For those who haven’t see the lights at Ayala Triangle better go I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it ❤ Have a Happy Makativenture ❤ 🙂

⌘ ⌘ ⌘

Written by Kim | Photos by Kim and Lj
Makati, Philippines
© November 2015


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