Pink Chiffon -Marikina

Cupcakes, also known as fairy cakes, patty cakes, is a

cake to be baked in small cups.

Having the cute and tempting appearance, you can enjoy toothsome flavor of your favorite cake flavors in a bite size, making cupcakes .. more enchanting.


One of the most talked cupcake shops nowadays is the Pink Chiffon located at Marikina along Lilac Street. Its place makes every girl wants to go and visit the store for it is themed with a “girly-tea cup-party” theme which is by the way loved by most of the girls specially teenagers and the baby cuties! 🙂

Now, to start this “Pink Chiffon” experience, I ordered three (3) flavors of cupcakes available in here (oreo cheesecake. blueberry cheesecake, and red velvet). Let’s start tasting with OREO CHEESECAKE 😉




I love Oreo cookies so when I came across this cute cupcake shops, I can’t wait to try this! Their Oreo cheesecake is a semi-sweet chocolate cupcake topped with Oreo cookies and frosting, which I think is a no-bake version of Oreo cheesecake because I can feel the cool sensation as I go munch this yummy cupcake!




This blueberry cheesecake is a combination of bitter-sweet flavor of blueberries and rich cheesecake. Their blueberry cheesecake has a light and fluffy texture, making your every creamy and fruity bite melt in your mouth. What I love the most about this cupcake, just like what mentioned earlier, it has bitter-sweet taste that burst in to your mouth!




Everyone, especially me, seems to really love and enjoy the luscious taste of red velvet cupcake! Lucky for me, Pink Chiffon is really a master of creating one! Their red velvet is topped with lovely swirls of cream frosting. This made me fall in love with the red-and-white color. For me, this is Pink Chiffon’s top-nutch recipe when it comes to their cupcakes. Go, treat yourselves a delicious bite of sugary and frosty red velvet cupcake at Pink Chiffon. Everybody deserves a red velvet like this!

Now, to complete my own sweet escape, I ordered a drink called Carrot Punch (I think carrot punch/juice is popular at Caribbean). Just to try it though 🙂




Oh, so energizing carrot punch! It will surely give you a refreshing feeling. It not only taste good, it also has health benefits like it is highly cleansing. Thanks to this, I am going healthy! Try it too! It could be a refreshing excuse for you to boost your health, and start being a vegetarian! (Carrot is a vegetable! I never knew that I could drink vegetables too! 😀 )

So, put your butt up and start your day chilling at Pink Chiffon! You’ll find it extra sweet. Oh, I almost forgot! They also have nail lounge at the shop’s 2nd floor. A perfect place to date your ladies! What do you think, Guys? 🙂 I am sure she’ll like it!

*Cupcakes price/s : P50.00 each

*Carrot punch price : P65.00

(may change over time)

Written | Photos by

Admin Leslie Ann Bernardo

All Rights Reserved.

© 2015, March


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