Te Amo, Amo Yamie!

The quote, “Give yourself a treat” has been one of the common drive of students nowadays. Each and everyone of us is craving for some time to cool down for a while and take a break from the stressful school assignments, activities, projects, reports, and for senior college students – thesis, and internships.

To our delight, we heard about this viral shop all over the internet and a consistent word-of-mouth for the past few months. A branch located along U-Belt, Amo Yamie Crib, a cafe and movie house, is a definite trend to try!


photo by @cristinestunner (Cristine Nicole Bituin) on Instagram


Unlike any other coffee shops, Amo Yamie Crib’s beverages are put in handy jars in a creative manner which we – me and my friends – find it new in the market and very eye-catchy. Their coffee and beverages are designed artistically which are really an eye for photography as well. And as a frustrated photographer practicing the art of minimalism style, I didn’t waste the chance to take good photos of their food. Coffee and photography are two of my favorite things in life so for me it’s really a good combination.

Smart and beautiful!



Curious about the taste? Well, I must say, it’s really good! In line with it, their menu matches their cool and beautiful cafe. Their frost and frappe names are inspired in fairy tales like Once Upon A Nutella, Wizard of Oreo, Snow White, Red Riding Hood, Jav-alladin, Jack & Jelly, Little Mermint, and the Three Maltesers.

Aside from coffee, they also offer treats like fries, tacos, and waffles. Here are two of our good picks, the banoffee waffle and nachos.



Another thing that also caught my attention is their interior design. The shop doesn’t have the typical tables, because they have this “crib”, as what they call, wherein customers can relax. In fact they are cute cribs, small but comfy. It’s really an area for friends to cherish a moment of fun. I haven’t took any photo inside the shop because it was filled with people everytime we visit but I took a shot of their lights there and I find it very artsy. Cool creation!


Trivia: Amo Yamie Crib is described as… Love, Delicious, Home. 

We are looking forward to visit again. If you’re a coffee lover, photographer, student, or a person who likes to try out something new, Amo Yamie Crib is a nice place to visit!

➳ ⌘ ➳ ⌘ ➳

More details:

Amo Yamie Crib Branches:


2nd floor, Gordi Plaza Bldg, Legarda Street, just across Mendiola Street, Manila. (Same as Bon Chon’s building, across Jollibee Mendiola. Near CEU, San Beda College, San Sebastian College, University of the East, etc.)

(San Fernando, Pampanga)

2nd floor, FFParas Bldg, Dolores Intersection, Dolores, City of San Fernando, Pampanga. (Beside Jollibee Dolores, same as Mekeni’s Building)

(Angeles, Pampanga)

RBCastro Bldg, Sto. Entierro St, Sto. Cristo, Angeles City, Pampanga. (Beside Holy Family Medical Center and JerZel Party Needs)


Contact number:

0917 833 5017

➳ ⌘ ➳ ⌘ ➳

Article by Cristine Nicole Bituin
All photos by Cristine
Photos first uploaded on Instagram — @cristinestunner
(kindly give credits if planned to use)
All Rights Reserved.


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