Pan De Amerikana, The Chess Themed Restaurant


Picture-postcard places are the best places to go to because it makes us feel that whenever you are in that place you know that there is something that can excite you, and something that you already know would still surprise you! One of the best places that I’ve ever been too and so far my favorite is Pan De Amerikana -one of the only five (5) Chess -themed restaurant around the world  found over Marikina. Based from my research, this is there original branch but they also have another branch at Katipunan but with a different theme.


As soon as I stepped out of the car, this big wind mill really caught my attention, aside from its size, it reminded me of the old or traditional culture making my dine-in experience at this restaurant somehow nostalgic,and romantic. When you enter the restaurant, it is getting more adorable and exciting. It feels like your in your dream place.

Upon entering, their employee accommodate and offers me a table. I noticed their ceiling decorations are mainly composed of vines and vintage style of lights. I like it because it makes the place cooler and relaxing.


TRIVIA: The photo shown below are collections of the owner’s master piece of photography, and his name is Sir Jundio Salvador. Some of his works are featured in many events, and are awarded with titles. They use it as a wall decoration to enhance the beauty of the restaurant and also to inspire their customers through these master pieces.


Not to mention their cute chess piece-like order number and their vintage look menu book! This really fit with the theme of Pan De Amerika. Their table is also customized with printed chess board so you could play chess on it just ask the crew for the chess piece/s.


Two of my favorite menu here are their Carbonara and Chicken barbecue. The Carbonara is worth P158.00 that will make your taste buds satisfied. It’s saucy in a way that it wont give you “cloying (umay/sawa in tagalog) factor”, while their juicy chicken barbecue is worth P70.00 only served with rice, and atsara (a Filipino side dish). For a perfect meal? Partner them with a pitcher of their red iced tea (P90.00)!

And who says the fun is over? We are just getting started. Did you know that they have this big space for their big chess board? Yep! They are free! Feel free to play it, and take pictures of yourselves .. a selfie or with a group! It is a great way actually to bond with your friends or family. A “not-so-ordinary” way of beating your opponent by just having fun!

They also have this mini Greek inspired space for the players so they could have a better view as they play on the big chess board.


In line with this,Pan De Amerika also have a space intended for picture taking. You could sit on the rocking chair located on both sides. Enjoy the 1950 feels! Look! Even the kids are enjoying it! How about you? Are you just gonna sit there  and wish you’re at their position? Start exploring this place guys! It wont let you down 😉


So what else are you looking for? Great and picture-postcard place? Good food? affordable? NO SERVICE CHARGE restaurant? That’s heading to PAN DE AMERIKANA! This place is absolutely a PERFECT 10! 😉

 Written | Photos by

Admin Leslie Ann Bernardo

© 2015, March


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